Beginner Spell: Surge of Health

/showinfo <prim#>, in game chat bar, will show tooltip of primitive.

Requirements to Scribe Formula - Spellcraft Greater Than (100)

Products Created by Formula
Prim#    Product Name
   Surge of Health I
   Surge of Health II

NPC's that Sell Formula
NPC    Title    Region    Coords
Erelald      Scholar Trainer    New Trismus    45768, 14298
Geleon    Scholar Trainer    Kion    20463, 24516
Kesh    Scholar Trainer    Sslanis    19840, 21646
Leah Attanbar    Scholar Trainer    Dalimond    22815, 22738
Minisa Albrath    Spellcrafter Trainer    Dalimond    22819, 22799

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Quests that Reward Formula
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Monsters that Drop Formula
No Monsters found ...